Social Innovation Lab (SIL) is an autonomous budgetary unit of Gdynia City Hall responsible for developing and supporting innovative social solutions for citizens. SIL is also an embodiment of the idea grown from thinking that in order to develop sustainably and achieve durable results a city needs new ideas not just in technological and economic areas but also in all social activities dedicated to the inhabitants. SIL’s objective is developing, supporting and promoting innovative social solutions so as to improve the living standards for all inhabitants of Gdynia – regardless of their age, address and social background. | + 48 58 727 39 01

Communications Department

Informs about our Lab’s activities and initiatives. Cooperates with the inhabitants, media and projects’ partners.

Social Regeneration Projects Department

Coordinates a Shared Services Centre. Integrates municipal and urban resources and activities for socially excluded and those at risk of social exclusion. Cooperates with the local communities and takes actions aimed at developing social participation.

Investments Department

Develops and implements investments. Coordinates investment projects specified in the Municipal Regeneration Programme.

Research and Participation Department

Analyses, creates, implements, and promotes systems that enable citizens’ co-deciding on city’s development.

SIL’s Workshop Section

Coordinates Lab’s Workshop in Gdynia (Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98); organizes trainings, workshops, conferences, film screenings and meet-ups. Implements and promotes innovative social actions directed at various groups of citizens, initiatives on self- and professional and development which benefit local communities.

Professional and Social Activation Section

Organizes events and trainings for citizens interested in improving their status on the job market. Animates activities and social inclusion of the excluded. Develops voluntary services and cooperation offer for local employers.

Social Innovation Cluster Section

Cooperates with local, regional and international partners on developing initiatives and projects combining social, business and tech innovations.

Social Innovation Incubator Section

Searches, supports and promotes social innovation in care services for dependants and their guardians. Mentors and cooperates with social innovators. Organizes trainings, workshops and conferences on social innovation.

Wymiennikownia (“Exchange Centre”) Department

Coordinates youth centre in Gdynia Chylonia (ul. Kartuska 20B). Develops activities for young people, organizes trainings, workshops and conferences and cooperates with local partners

Organization and Personnel Department

Implements personnel and remuneration policy. Develops internal procedures and regulations. Recruits and trains employers.

Accounting Department

SIL’s budget and financial performance.

Public Procurement Section

Planning, conducting and supervising the formality of all public procurement processes.

Administration Department

Supervises implementation of unit’s all procedures. Administer unit’s infrastructure and logistics.

Information Security Administrator

Supervises data and information security, keeps record of public information requests and coordinates replies. Keeps Lab’s records and manages the editor of implementing acts.